Smoking Vegetables In A Smoker – The Forgotten Staple

When A lot of people think Barbecue, They don’t think about smoking vegetables in a smoker. They think about being outside grilling Their favorite main dish. Beef, pork, poultry, and fish (Hamburgers, hot dogs, and Steaks, or Smoking a nice brisket, rack of ribs, or even a pork shoulder for some nice pulled pork sandwiches). These are just a few examples of what comes to mind. But did you notice a pattern? We are generally thinking about the main course. Don’t get me wrong, the main purpose I purchased my Grill and Smoker was for this fact.

What we are forgetting is, can you smoke vegetables? The answer is yes. Did you know you can make outstanding side dishes and cooked vegetables when you are Grilling/Smoking your main course? Not going to get into side dishes like Smoked, baked beans, for example, which is one of my family’s favorites, but we are going to concentrate more on Smoking Vegetables in a smoker.

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Vegetables on the grill.Smoking Vegetables in a smoker

Advantages Of Smoking Vegetables

One of the best advantages of smoking vegetables is the taste. It adds a whole new flavor profile to them. You will be surprised how much flavor it adds to your favorite vegetables. You can simply add an enhanced smoke flavor by simply using a different flavor profile. There are many ways to smoke.

Another great advantage is you can smoke a lot of your favorite vegetables at the same time as you are smoking your favorite Beef, pork, poultry, and fish main dishes. No need to go back into the house to cook up your vegetables or specific side dishes. No need to prepare all side dishes before heading to the park or other recreation area.

pic of smoked vegetables

Smoking Vegetables In Different Ways

There are many ways to smoke your vegetables. All of which will bring some great taste, smell, and appearance to your favorite vegetables.

Using a smoker is a common way to smoke food. There are many types of smokers. The ones most likely you have heard of are electric smokers, pellet smokers, and offset smokers. All come in different forms and are a little different in how they regulate heat..but all are designed to let your cook with steady indirect heat.

Another popular method is using a charcoal or gas grill. Either will help your get that nice smoke flavor you are looking for.

Basically, your would need either a charcoal or gas grill and a smoke box or tube to help get that smoke taste you are looking for. You would generally set up the grill for a slow indirect heat to get the smoke to infuse into the vegetables. Which is easy to do just turn on one side of the gas grill or add your charcoals to one side of the Charcoal grill and place what you are smoking on the other. A topic I will get into at another time

Will Any Smoke Do

There are a few ways to get the smoke you are looking for. The most common are wood chips, wood pellets, and wood from the type of tree you are looking for.

Wood pellets and chips come in many types and flavors that can be used to enhance the taste of your food when properly paired. Some of the most common are competition blend, mesquite, hickory, applewood, cherry, gourmet blend, fruitwood blend, and charcoal blend. Just to name a few.

Common Vegetables To Smoke

Some of the most common things I have requests for are Potato’s, corn, onions, peppers, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, artichokes, and asparagus. Just to name a few. But, there are many more options available the imagination is the limit.

All of these are smoked just a little different but come out with great taste. I will tell you how I cook some of these in my pellet smoker and on the grill in the near future.

Smoke brussel sprouts and bacon


If you have not tried the great taste of Smoked Veggies, then you are missing out. It’s a great way to enhance the meal you are not a believer; until you try it at least once. You will not be disappointed. I will admit I have never been a Cooked Vegetable lover. My wife is, though, and was always asking me to grill or smoke some vegetables. After a while, I gave in, and I have never looked back. It is hard to believe what the smoke can do to them.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know. I would love to hear what vegetables your like to smoke.


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